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About Us

KnightWatch was founded in 2011 by a gentleman whose passion for luxury timepieces permeated into every aspect of life.   The elegance of the designs, and the intricacies of the mechanical movements enraptured his mind, creating vivid dreams of wearing and enjoying these fine works of art.  This eventually became a reality, and what today is known as Knight Watch.  We buy, sell, and trade some of the most elite timepieces with some of the most interesting people in the world.

The mission of KnightWatch is to always have people’s back when it comes to buying, selling, and trading luxury timepieces.  We aim to treat our clients like the most important people we’ve ever met, and we do so by living out our core values everyday:

  • INTEGRITY in how we care for relationships.
  • Having COURAGE to tell the truth and do what's best for our customers.
  • Sharing a grand PASSION for timepieces

Are you in !? — #KnightWatch