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Do you want to Enjoy the finest timepieces on earth, and never lose money?

What if you could switch in and out of the most renowned timepieces ever created, without losing money when you're ready to sell or trade?

KnightWatch was founded on the principal of always having peoples' back. That's why we created a solution for those who want to wear timepieces without the hassle of getting crushed by jeweler margins, taking a return-on-investment hit when selling, and allowing you to enjoy as many watches as you want in a savvy way.

Your Collection - LIMITLESS

Whether you own one timepiece, a thousand, or rotate through brands for the experience, we'll provide you access to any piece you want at a price you can't find publicly. Just one of the many benefits of being a member.

VIP Treatment

Any timepiece you see in our inventory is available to you immediately at a price discounted and only available to members. You can buy directly from us knowing you're getting the watch of your dreams at a price where the value can hold over the period you want to own it. If there is a specific timepiece you want, and not available in the current KnightWatch Collection, we can source it for you by tapping into our elaborate network.

Done, Done, And Fun!

Are you bored of some of the timepieces in your collection? Do you want something new to shake it up a bit, or just want to free up some capital?
You'll be living the dream when you realize that you can let go of any timepiece you want and KnightWatch will either buy it back at the same price we sold it to you for, or help you consign the watch for no loss.

Which Membership Suits You?

SQUIRE - A Pay-As You Go Consultation. Our experts support you by acquiring the timepiece(s) you want from reputable sources at an exceptional value.

KNIGHT - You'll enjoy the benefits of access to the KnightWatch Collection of timepieces at a price that the public doesn't. You'll also have access to our concierge service. If you want a timepiece that isn't in the current inventory, we'll source it for you. If you're ready to sell one of your watches, or want to trade yours in, we offer a buy-back program that's unheard of.

KNIGHT OF THE ROUNDTABLE- Only Certain Applicants Will Qualify. As a Knight Of The Round-table, you'll enjoy unprecedented access to elite timepieces, exclusive VIP luxury events, and private promotions.

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